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Off-Page SEO Tips for Wollongong Businesses to get more Traffic

Wollongong is a city that attracts lots of tourists every year. Among its major tourist attractions are the heritage-listed St. Michael’s Cathedral and a Buddhist temple, the largest among such in the Southern Hemisphere. This Australian city in New South Wales is also naturally beautiful, located in a coastal plain bordered on both sides by lovely beaches and cliffs. Wollongong has also got some great entertainment venues and eateries that cater to the needs of these tourists. One can find many spots that allow tourists to engage in surfing, biking, skating, jogging, trekking, swimming, and rock fishing. Coal mining, fishing industry, and related port activities are important businesses in Wollongong. Further, the availability of coal has also promoted industries like steel production, locomotive manufacturing, fertilizer production, copper smelting, etc. As in most other places, marketing is predominantly online in Wollongong also. Clicks Marketing SEO Wollongong and marketing of businesses have to be done here by keeping in mind the needs of the floating population of tourists and that of the place’s permanent residents. Off-Page SEO tips for Wollongong businesses Unlike On-Page SEO which is done by fine-tuning and modifying the business’s website in multiple ways, off-page SEO is controlled by factors entirely outside the website and quite often outside the web owner’s control. However, the relevance, authenticity, and popularity of a website will significantly increase both in the eyes of the customers and search engine algorithms by using the right Off-Page SEO tactics. 1.   Importance of Backlinks An important component of off-page SEO is backlinks or inbound links that the site gets from other popular sites, social media posts, etc. Such links should be from a site or a post that is popular and authentic, so that lots of people happen to read the content on that site. When such a site gives a link to your business, many people are likely to end up there following that link. Customers satisfied with your company’s product or service are likely to be the most significant contributors to your backlink collection. They would obviously link to your site in their comment or review. When the contents of your website are well-researched and informative, that will also encourage other websites to link with yours as a reference point. The number of backlinks is vital for website ranking because search engine crawlers do consider it while ranking a page in search engine results, as far as the links are from highly-valued sites. 2.   Engage with your Customers Getting good brand mentions is another aspect of off-page SEO. The best way of doing this is by engaging with interested customers on social media networks and giving them valuable guidance and information. Frequent brand mentions are likely to provide a positive signal to search engines. 3.   Generate Quality Blogs Getting quality blogs written about the product that is being marketed is also part of off-page SEO. If the blog is interesting, many people would read it and click on the link to your site at the end of the article. Blogging need not even always be product-specific. A beautifully written article about a festival can be linked to sites selling fancy candles, sparklers, delicacies, or entertainment venues related to that festival. Blogs also do not have any size restrictions, and writers can incorporate anecdotes, images, and videos to enliven it. 4.   Answering Questions and Queries Traffic to your Wollongong business website can also be increased by taking the content to potential customers through ‘question and answer’ sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, Reddit, etc. Such sites have many niches, and by regularly answering the questions at the niche connected with your product, you would soon be considered an authority on the topic, provided the answers are informative and authentic. At the end of your answer, you can always lead them to your business website. Final Words Wollongong’s scenic beauty, heritage sites, entertainment options, and heavy industries are subjects that lend themselves well to be written about or photographed. All these can be effectively used for off-page SEO strategy for your business.