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With a secure and proven data storage solution known as SECURE STORAGE, any business can rest assured that they are working with an internationally-recognized and fully-insured facility that offers world-class disaster recovery solutions, secure storage of sensitive data, and HIPAA training in order to keep your business running smoothly. Guardian Self Storage will work closely with you to assess exactly where your business is currently at, what it wants to do, and how best to achieve this, and then develop a plan based on these facts. From there, the company will begin looking for a suitable temporary or permanent facility that can safely and securely store all your important and confidential files, all while ensuring you have continuous access to this information at any given time. This way, the staff at SECURE STORAGE can ensure that you are always completely protected, and the files and data you need are always available when you need them most.

The secure storage of information also allows your staff to work smarter and not harder, meaning less paperwork and more productive time spent completing the tasks at hand. In addition to a fully-insured facility, SECURE STORAGE provides cloud services. This means that your sensitive data is stored on an offsite server managed by the cloud providers and therefore, outside of the range of fire and other natural disasters. These secure servers are housed and backed up by the world’s most powerful supercomputers and so, even if something happened to your server, the information contained within would be safe and secure. Cloud storage also offers the flexibility of a perfect storm should your server fail, something that has become far more likely over recent months and years due to natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes and even viruses.

Perhaps most importantly, SECURE STORAGE offers mobile device access, which means that you can access your files from any computer in the world at any time. Mobile storage solutions such as this would allow for the minimization of costs as well as saving you precious time on paper files. In addition to the secure storage of your files, you may also want to consider the benefits of a mobile storage solution. Such a service would mean that you could access your secure data from virtually anywhere, meaning that your business never went out of reach.